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Free Russians Ireland Demonstration, Dublin, December 11 2022 – “We demand that the Russian army immediately Leave Ukraine”

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Irish Left With Ukraine (ILWU) was honoured to receive an invitation to participate in this demonstration organised by Free Russians Ireland. Free Russians Ireland
Free Russians Ireland co-hosted an impressive protest with Iranians in Ireland supporting the current women-led uprising against the brutal Islamic Republic led by Ayatollah Khamenei.

Pictures of the Protest are here : The blue and white flag is based on the Russian flag without a red colour. Free Russians Ireland co-ordinator Olga Popova explained that, for Free Russians Ireland, the colour red in the flag meant blood. A blue and white flag means Russia at peace with a free Ukraine and other neighbouring states. Free Russians Ireland calls for “régime change” in Russia.

December, 11. 2 pm The Spire Organisation: Free Russians Ireland

Free Russians Ireland Platform :

  • Protest Peace for Ukraine. Freedom for Russia
  • We demand that the Russian army immediately Leave Ukraine.
  • We want also pay attention that long-lasting peace between Russia and Ukraine will be impossible with the current Russian constitution.
  • The Russian constitution declares that many parts of Ukraine are Russian.
  • The Russian constitution declares unlimited power for the President.
  • With such a main law Russia can’t be peaceful.
  • Russia must be reformed and only in this case Ukraine could be 100% safe.

Video of the Protest

“Freedom for Russia, Peace for Ukraine, Freedom for Iran”

An ILWU speaker, John Meehan, spoke briefly at the rally.

A big welcome was given to news about the December 10 Trade Union Protest in Paris demanding immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine :

The ILWU looks forward to future active co-operation with Free Russia Ireland and the Iranian Community in Ireland.

Preparations have begin in Ireland, and across the globe, to organise international anti-war actions on February 24 2023 – the first anniversary of Putin’s genocidal and imperialist invasion of Ukraine.

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