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Photo Album – Paris Demonstration December 10 2022 – Russian Troops Out of All Ukraine – “Union banner calls for the withdrawal of troops and the welcoming of any and all refugees”

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We present a photo album of the demonstration in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and for the immediate withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine that took place in Paris – Saturday December 10 2022.
The protest was supported by several French trade unions (CGT, FSU, SUD/Solidaires) the Ukrainian organizations in France, several movements of Russian and Belarusian anti-war activists, a whole host of left-wing organizations and parties, and quite a lot of individual left-wing politicians and intellectuals.

The initiative for the demonstration was taken by our French friends from the comité français du réseau européen de solidarité avec l’ Ukraine. (European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine).

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The successful protest, especially the support it received from a number of major trade unions, is a great step forward for solidarity with Ukraine in France. The union banner calls for the withdrawal of troops and the welcoming of any and all refugees.

On February 24, 2023, it will be one year since the Russian army invaded Ukraine. From that day (and the week) we want Ukrainian associations and as many organizations and individual supporters as possible – with the European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine – to make this an international day of action / week of solidarity with Ukraine and against the Russian invasion.

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