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“Some cause happiness wherever they go. Some cause happiness whenever they go” Is British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the way out?

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I asked an interested comrade living in England – how long will Boris Johnson last? The first reply :

He’s clearly in serious trouble, and the Tories are scouting around their stable of horrors for a replacement.

Oscar Wilde’s Verdict “Some cause happiness wherever they go. Some cause happiness whenever they go”

The drama is receiving continuing attention in the Irish mass media. The RTÉ Morning Show hosted by Claire Byrne covered the Downing Street Pantomime. First boxer on the stage was Mr Andrew Bridgen (MP for Hard Brexit) [Bridgen is a competent anti-Johnson backbencher who may ascend to ministerial ranks if Johnson resigns]. Sir Tony Blair’s ex handler, Alistair Campbell (Iraq Dodgy Dossier) was in the opposite corner. Campbell started OK, concentrating on Boris Johnson’s CV – saying partygate is predictable once you knew the CV. Campbell went all Roy Keane after that – take out the player, never mind the ball – once Bridgen mentioned Campbell’s Iraq War Deadly Dossier. Lies about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” helped cause a hideous imperialist war – millions of innocent civilians dead and injured. Campbell’s behaviour contributed to the hounding of a courageous whistleblower, Doctor David Kelly, who died via suicide. Prime Minister Johnson lies about partying while the mother of a likely child abuse criminal (Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew) was grieving over the death of a dangerous driver husband (Prince Philip). Is this an episode in an ongoing drama – the strange death of Brexit Hard Right Britain?

Sources and Images :

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s Stormont-Westminster Double-Job Stroke Shot Down

Is the bell also tolling for Democratic Unionist Party Leader Jeffrey Donaldson MP (Lagan Valley)? Boris Johnson announced his government’s proposal to permit Stormont-Westminster double-jobbing is “withdrawn”.

The Democratic Unionist Party Always Asks for Big Bribes from the British Tory Party – Ex Tory Prime Minister Theresa May gave bribes – successor Boris Johnson fails to pull off a similar stroke

Donaldson’s DUP – likely to lose the Stormont First Minister job in next May’s Northern Ireland Assembly General Election – needs all the help it can get. The BBC reported on January 14 :

The move will allow DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson to stand for election to the assembly in May while retaining his seat at Westminster.

Under existing rules if he was elected to Stormont he would have had to stand down as an MP, leading to a by-election in his Lagan Valley constituency.

Details of the plan were outlined in a letter from the government peer Lord Caine to fellow lords on Friday

Rat Deserting a Sinking Ship V Always Putting the People of Bury South First?

The Westminster Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford, has resigned from the Tory Party and joined Labour.

Well-informed British comrades report :

“I would like to welcome Christian Wakeford to the Labour party. He has always put the people of Bury South first.” (Keir Starmer today) Six months ago, Christian Wakeford backed the Tories’ Nationality and Borders Bill by describing refugees as “having a shopping trolley as to what they want in this economic migration.” Momentum has stated correctly: he has voted with this hard-right Tory government almost 400 times in just two years – voting against measures to stop climate change and tax avoidance and against enabling domestic abuse victims to have access to benefits.
Shows you how Starmer has cleaned up the Labour Party so it is totally Corbyn free and is fit to govern for the establishment .

Plus he seems to have forgotten supporting a piece of legislation forcing all MPs that switch party to seek reelection!

There is a Better Left Wing Alternative

Readers should tune in to former British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Éamonn McCann of People Befire Profit, January 28 2022 in Derry.

John Meehan January 19 2022

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