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Jeremy Corbyn in Derry – Marking the 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday – January 28 and 29 2022

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We are honoured to announce that we will co-host, in partnership with Creggan Enterprises, former British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in conversation with journalist and long time campaigner for Justice for Bloody Sunday, Eamonn McCann. Broad topics for the conversation will be civil rights, legacy and social justice.The event will take place at the Hive Studios at the Ráth Mór Centre in Creggan, on Friday, January 28th January 2022. Start Time 14.00 Eamonn McCann is a longstanding member of the Bloody Sunday March Committee.

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Context 2022

There is No British Justice

The “Troubles” have taken more than 3,500 lives over the past 50 years. Every death has diminished us all.

The grief of the Bloody Sunday families is no different from the heartbreak inflicted on the families of other victims.

To demand clear sight of the truth about Bloody Sunday is not to ignore the fog of lies obscuring other crimes against our common humanity. 

The truth of what happened in Derry illuminates the role of the State in a myriad of murders.

Violence didn’t erupt here because people here have a propensity for violence. Looming in the background at all stages has been the British State.

Representatives of the State, and many now in partnership with the State, insist that the Bloody Sunday issue has been sorted, that there’s nothing left hidden that we are entitled to know.

But the force which met the demand for civil rights with a blizzard of bullets cannot now act as arbiter.  

The powers-that-be don’t want the cover-up of Bloody Sunday brought to light – because the truth about Bloody Sunday brings the blame back to where it belongs.

The State has no right to determine how far the search for truth should go.

No-one has a right to say – “Thus far and no further.”

The current Conservative Government under Boris Johnson wants to draw a line under the past and its proposal to introduce a statute of limitations on all conflict related deaths here is nothing but a thinly disguised amnesty for the actions of its military.

Should Johnson’s Conservatives succeed in pushing these proposals through, every single family who has lost a loved one as a result of the conflict will effectively have no legal route or redress left open to them in their pursuit of truth and justice on behalf of their loved one.

So on Sunday 30th January 2022, when we mark 50 years since the massacre of 14 of our fellow citizens, we are asking you to join with us in Derry in protest at what they are trying to do. As to the deeper and more challenging question of where we go to from there? This programme of events,together with others we will shape in the months ahead in this 50th anniversary year, may open up possibilities. What is clear is that the 3500 lives taken from us and the many thousands of families of all the dead and injured from across these islands, demand nothing less.

A second Jeremy Corbyn Event in Derry – Thanks to Emmet O’Connor for the information

JEREMY Corbyn will deliver this year’s annual Bloody Sunday lecture, marking the 50th anniversary of the killings.

A full programme of events has been drawn up to mark the milestone anniversary of the British army’s killing of 13 anti-internment protesters on January 30 1972. A 14th victim, John Johnston died later from his wounds.

Mr Corbyn served as leader of the British Labour Party and opposition from 2015 until 2020 when he was replaced by Sir Keir Starmer.

Mr Corbyn was later suspended from Labour after he said anti-semitism in the party had been exaggerated. He also condemned any anti-semitism in the party. While the suspension was later lifted, the party whip was not restored to Mr Corbyn, denying his admission to the parliamentary party. He continues to sit as an independent MP.

Chairman of the Bloody Sunday Trust Tony Doherty said it was an honour to have Mr Corbyn deliver this year’s lecture at Derry’s Guildhall on Saturday January 29 (3pm).

While in Derry, Mr Corbyn will also take part in a discussion with former People before Profit MLA, Eamonn McCann on Friday, January 28. He will also visit the city’s Rath Mór centre in Creggan and meet local people and residents’ groups.

A new painting by renowned Irish artist, Robert Ballagh has also been unveiled to mark the 50th anniversary. One of Ireland’s most accomplished artists, Mr Ballagh’s new artwork, The Thirtieth of January went on display at Derry’s Guildhall on Friday.

Mr Ballagh said many people of his generation were traumatised by Bloody Sunday. Following Bloody Sunday, the artist created 13 drawings in blood and chalk, presenting the 13 victims who were killed on the day.

“As an artist, my response was to create an art work that was controversial and challenging. As the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday approached, I felt impelled to revisit this atrocity. The painting in the Guildhall is the result of that undertaking,” he said.

Mr Ballagh’s painting is open to public view from 9am to 8pm from Monday to Friday and from 9am to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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  1. Great news. Keep carrying on!

    On Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 3:39 PM Tomás Ó Flatharta wrote:

    > tomasoflatharta posted: ” BREAKING News We are honoured to announce that > we will co-host, in partnership with Creggan Enterprises, former British > Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in conversation with journalist and long > time campaigner for Justice for Bloody Sunday, Eamonn M” >


    Jan 16, 2022 at 4:58 pm

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