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Protests Spanning Decades – 1969 – 2018 – 2022 : Take Back the City : Cost of Living Coalition Demonstration, Saturday September 24 2022, Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin, 2.30pm

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Des Derwin Michael Taft and Mick O’Reilly squatting on O’Connell Bridge, at a protest supported by Dublin Council of Trade Unions about the Housing Crisis in Ireland – Friday September 23 2018.

Three comrades on a Dublin Bridge : Des Derwin, Michael Taft, Mick O’Reilly

On Saturday September 24 2022 the same people, the same Trade Union organisation, will be at a Dublin Cost of Living Coalition demonstration in Dublin.

From Michael Taft : “A Protest Spanning Decades” :

Des Derwin and I sat down at today’s Take Back The City protest on O’Connell Bridge on the very same spot that Mick O’Reilly sat down in January 1969 when he was participating in a sit-down protest with the Dublin Housing Action Committee. The issue then, as now, was homelessness and housing need.

And we will continue to protest – Des, Mick and myself along with thousands of others – until the Government acts on the most important social issue of the day.”

One of many media reports – this is from Hot Press, one of Ireland’s leading rock music and culture magazines

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Rally of Education Public Servants against Croke Park 2: Saturday 9th March, 12:00, Gresham Hotel Dublin

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All public servants welcome

Vote “NO” to Croke Park 2. Defend Education. Defend Public Services.


A grass-roots rally of public servants in the education sector will take place in the Gresham Hotel Dublin at 12:00 on this Saturday 9th March 2013.

The focuses of the rally will be on:

  • securing a “NO” vote to Croke Park 2 in as many unions as possible
  • the need for unity amongst all public servants in the face of the on-going attacks on us, and
  • the way forward to better representation and mobilisation of public servants
  • sending a message to our unions, to ICTU and to the Government that this so-called agreement will not be accepted

This rally is not called by the Executive of any union and has absolutely nothing to do with ICTU, which clearly no longer represents public servants at all.

Please attend and advertise the rally to all other public servants you know, both within the Education Sector and outside it: All public servants are very welcome to come along.

The intention is to show our own union leadership and ICTU that in the absence of representation from them, we can and will mobilise ourselves.

We urge you to attend.


Martin Marjoram (TUI Branch Chair IT Tallaght)
Michael Carr (TUI Branch Chair Dublin Colleges)
Gregor Kerr (INTO District 14)
Maria Parsons (TUI Branch Chair IADT Dun Laoghaire)
Claus Derenda (TUI Branch Chair IT Carlow)
Gerald Mills (IFUT UCD)
Richard Crowley (TUI Branch Chair Dundalk IT)

Thomas Dooley (TUI Acting Branch Secretary Dundalk IT)
Andrew Phelan (ASTI)
Paddy Healy (TUI Dublin Retired Members Association)
Kevin Farrell (TUI Executive, Area 15)
Eddie Conlon (TUI Executive, Area 16)
Niall Smyth (INTO)
Paul Farrell (TUI IT Tallaght)
Ronan Callanan (TUI Dublin City PP)

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Mar 4, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Meeting to organise opposition to Croke Park 2, Dublin, 27th February 2013

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From Paddy Healy

A meeting to organise resistance to the changes to pay and conditions under Croke Park 2 will be held in Teachers Club, Parnell Square, on Wednesday next, Feb 27, at 8pm.

The meeting has been called by 5 branches of TUI to organise resistance to Croke Park 2 within the Education Sector.

The organisers have agreed to facilitate discussion among all public sector trade union activists and pensioners (pensions are to be reduced under the Deal)  on organisation to oppose the Deal

Please Come along at this time of great danger for public servants and for the trade union movement generally.

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Feb 26, 2013 at 5:29 pm

Baseline Benefits are under attack: ULA statement | United Left Alliance

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Bernadette McAliskey Interview – Not Much Has Changed in Northern Ireland

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ULA Conference: ‘Co-operation not competition’ – Statement from Paddy Healy and the South Tipperary Workers and Unemployed Action Group

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The statement below was circulated by Paddy Healy this week and is, Tomás presumes,  the position of the South Tipperary Workers and Unemployed Action Group going into the conference on Saturday.

It’s good to see the WUAG engaging like this with the ULA at large and doubly so given the content of the statement.

Huge Obligation and Opportunity for ULA as Sinn Féin reiterates its willingness to enter Coalition Government with any Party

Paddy Healy

Because of developments in the national and international economic and political crisis there is a huge obligation on ULA and on its components to make significant progress in its mission to politically reorganise the Irish working class in its own interest. The Irish Labour Party is once again in coalition government with a right-wing party. On this occasion the government is not just failing to introduce improvements for workers but is openly attacking all the gains made by workers over decades. If ULA can rise to its historic task the Labour Party could be wiped out and above all fail to recover from this period in government.

Following the recent rise of Sinn Féin in the polls, the party leader reiterated its willingness to enter coalition with any political party. This guarantees that sooner or later that party will go into oblivion sharing the same fate as Clann Na Poblachta and the Workers Party. But much damage could be done before then. The commitment of Sinn Féin to coalition confirms that it is no longer a revolutionary nationalist party. Read the rest of this entry »

A Nest of Fine Gael Labour Highly Paid Neo Liberals

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Pay and Conditions Slashed for Little People – Government Handlers on Big Money

News :

A little more detail from a Cedar Lounge Discussion :

Must admit I had never heard of Mark Garrett before following these comments – he gets a significant mention here : Read the rest of this entry »

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From Paddy Healy 086-4183732. For a detailed discussion on way ahead in Trade Unions, read “How ICTU Failed Us, The Necessity for Election, Re-Election of General Secretaries” on my Blog:


On Thursday last Richard Bruton announced that the bill to cut the pay of shop assistants, cleaners, agricultural labourers and others on JLC rates and those covered by Registered Employment Agreements was being deferred until the Autumn. This followed the discussion in the Dail of a private members motion from the ULA calling on the government to abandon the measure. The Labour Party and Fine Gael voted down the motion, but the array of deputies voting for the motion frightened the Labour Party. Voting for the motion were Seamus Healy , Joan Collins T, Joe Higgins, Richard Boyd-Barrett, Clare Daly (all ULA), Thomas Pringle, John Halligan, Catherine Murphy, Maureen O’Sullivan, Finian McGrath, Luke Ming Flanagan, Tom Fleming (All Technical Group). Sinn Fein and Fianna Fail also supported the motion. On the proposal of Cllr Declan Bree (ULA), Sligo Co Council had already passed the motion.

There was a “robust discussion” after Bruton addressed the parliamentary Labour Party on the following day. Bruton then announced the deferral. Clearly the ULA are in a position to exert serious pressure on government on behalf of the poor and employees generally due to the threat posed to the Labour Party. ULA will remain highly vigilant in order to be in a position to resist the bill when and if it is introduced. Meetings on the issue in several centres will continue. The next public meeting will be held in Hearns Hotel Clonmel on Thursday June 30 at 8 pm. The meeting will be addressed by Seamus Healy TD, Pat Neill, President of Clonmel Trades Council, and Paddy Healy , Steering Committee ULA Read the rest of this entry »

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