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Confronting the Irish Far Right – Solidarity with Paul Murphy TD and Jess Spear – “this was a new low and should never happen again”

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On Monday April 24 2023 a serious incident occurred outside the family home of Paul Murphy TD (People Before Profit, Dublin South-West) and his partner Jess Spear.

Our friends at the Cedar Lounge Blog have highlighted the story :

Fair play to Seán Crowe TD (Sinn Féin), a constituency colleague of Paul Murphy, who issued a strong solidarity statement. All other left wing deputies, elected representatives, activists etc should endorse Crowe’s statement. That is a minimum. Paul and his partner Jess Spear must be unconditionally supported, and the left should move forward, openly organising and marginalising far-right anti-civilization thugs.

Statement Issued by Seán Crowe TD (Sinn Féin, Dublin South-West) :

I was appalled at the protest outside of Paul Murphy’s home last night. For a group to turn up at my constituency colleague’s home where he lives with his partner Jess and their newly born baby is simply inexcusable and a new low.

It is also deeply unfair to their neighbours who felt barricaded in their homes by an anti-immigrant rabble, fearful of what they might face or might happen if they went outside their own front door.

I fully support the right to legitimate protest. I have been an activist for all my adult life, for decades in this community and beyond, but this is something that no one should have to go through as they’re bathing their young child before bed.

This was a new low and should never happen again.”

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