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Nazi Rally Scheduled in Dublin – Don’t Go! Boycott!

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A correspondent highlights a tiny rally in Dublin next Saturday – Don’t Go!

“I see Justin Barrett’s National Party, who want a Catholic Fascist Dictatorship in Ireland, have organised a little protest for Saturday ‘against the lockdown’. Even if you don’t agree with public health measures, don’t be fooled by this shit. These people want young women and girls back in slave labour laundries, young men and boys back in industrial schools, an end to birth control and women’s bodily autonomy, all non-white-Irish people to be forcibly exiled, and executions of their political opponents. All under the jackboot of a paedophile-protecting Catholic dictatorship.”

Don’t Go!

A West Belfast Republican Funeral Breaches CoronaVirus Restrictions – Trouble Ahead

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The Sinn Féin organisers of Bobby Storey’s West Belfast funeral on June 30 2020 got plenty of advance warning – which they chose to ignore.

Suzanne Breen set the scene in the pages of the Belfast Telegraph :

Sinn Fein has adopted an uncompromising approach to fighting coronavirus in Northern Ireland. On school closures, workplace regulations and much more, the party has rightly insisted that health and safety trumps all else.

The funeral of Bobby Storey should be no different. No ifs, buts or maybes. It doesn’t matter that he was Sinn Fein’s northern chairman, spent 20 years in jail, or has heroic status for some in the republican community.

The same guidelines that apply when ordinary folk die apply to Bobby Storey, too. Just imagine the outrage there would be in the nationalist community if loyalists flouted the rules for a UDA or UVF funeral?

Dominic Cummings moments in the six county statelet :

Sinn Féin  President and  Vice-President  Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O’Neill
Bobby Storey’s Funeral in Belfast

PBP Belfast Councillor Matt Collins observes

At the risk of sounding repetitive I will make the point again….

The only people in Belfast who have been systematically targeted with fines, cautions and prosecution threats from the PSNI for breaching the regulations during this crisis have been BAME protestors taking part in safe, socially distant Black Lives Matter protests.

Such a fact— in a majority white city with tonnes of examples of proportionally different police treatment to other gatherings — is discrimination by definition.

People should be shouting loudly about this. Those in power keeping quiet about it are increasingly becoming part of the problem in my opinion.

The double standards were also highlighted by Vincent Doherty.

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Which State Has Invaded Nine out of Ten Countries on Earth?

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Or what quality does this select band of states share?

Andorra, Belarus, Bolivia, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mali, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Mongolia, Paraguay, Sao Tome and Principe, Sweden, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Vatican City?

Here is a link to the unsurprising answer :

British have invaded nine out of ten countries so look out Luxembourg

And Union Jack wavers wonder why they provoke ridicule :

Germans Laugh at British Absurdity

Not seen much on British TV because this

piece was deemed a potentially anti-monarchy satire and so was not promoted too much in the UK.

Update :

The writer did not mention regarding  the brilliant sketch “Dinner  For One”: Freddy Frinton was an anti-fascist who blocked the screening  of his sketch in Germany for 30 years.

Dinner For One

And finally, Hitler comments on the Union Jack fluttering in Belfast :

Hitler reacts to the flag coming down from Belfast City Hall and gives the orders for a full scale riot!

Orange Parades – Tension and Trouble on the Way in Belfast – 90 Miles Away Dublin Senators Hear Seán O’Casey was an Orange Lodger

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As we approach July 12 and the Marching Season intensifies we can offer two opposing perspectives on the Orange Order.

Drew Nelson, Grand Master of the Order, addressed the Seanad (Senate) in Leinster House for the the first time, and – in the spirit of the peace process – the politicians grovelled.

World by Storm discusses the occasion on the Cedar Lounge Site, noting the unfortunate late dramatist Seán O’Casey has been posthumously claimed by the Orange Order. No sources are offered for Nelson’s curious history tit-bit, but Cedar Lounge readers have discovered two biographers, Desmond Greaves and Christopher Murray, who say the direct opposite.

Link :

Orange Grand Master Drew Nelson Puts a Sash on Seán O’Casey

Ninety miles away the Orange Order looks different.

We recommend this article by Pádraig Mac Coitir of Éirigí who warns us about events unfolding in Ardoyne, North Belfast :

“It is also striking that in north Belfast, a sinister alliance between the Orange Order, unionist parties (including Stormont ministers such as Nigel Dodds and Peter Robinson) and unionist paramilitaries is re-emerging to ensure that the Order is permitted to trample over the rights of the people in Ardoyne.

“Although the Parades Commission only imposed minimal restrictions on the Orange Order’s march past Ardoyne, any move by the Commission to make further concessions to the Order at the behest of this unholy alliance will be viewed by many as cave-in to the bully-boys and cudgel carriers.”

Link :

Mac Coitir urges vigilance as sinister Unionist alliance re-emerges over Ardoyne

Update 1 :

Readers might like this :

Link :

Jim Larkin and the Irish Citizen Army – National Library of Ireland

This wonderful collection includes the following :

Report on a visit by the Irish Citizen Army to Kingstown (Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin). The signatory Sean Ó Cathasaigh was the playwright Sean O’Casey, who was secretary for a period. (Ms. 15,673/2).


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