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BBC limits TV Coverage of 2022 Orange Order July 12 Marches in Northern Ireland – welcome move does not go far enough

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The left-wing Irish organization Éirígí has issued a very clear statement about the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) decision to limit live coverage of 2022 Orange Order marches in the north of Ireland. The BBC decision has provoked a furious unionist reaction, which might force the broadcaster to back down.

These events occur after a video emerged in the public arena celebrating the murder of Michaela MacAreavy (daughter of the high-profile Gaelic Athletic Association [GAA] Manager Mickey Harte of Tyrone). The Irish Times reported that footage of the ‘vile chant’ was “understood to have been filmed” at an “Orange hall in Dundonald, Co Down”. (June 3 edition). In fact, there is no doubt that the “vile chant” was performed during Orange Order celebrations. Damage limitation continues, as the Orange Order, numerous Unionist politicians, and weasel-word forelock-tuggers pretend

Éirigí Statement :

It has emerged today that the BBC will no longer broadcast live daytime coverage of the main Orange Order ‘parade’ in the Six Counties on 12th July. #OrangeOrder

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Orange Parades – Tension and Trouble on the Way in Belfast – 90 Miles Away Dublin Senators Hear Seán O’Casey was an Orange Lodger

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As we approach July 12 and the Marching Season intensifies we can offer two opposing perspectives on the Orange Order.

Drew Nelson, Grand Master of the Order, addressed the Seanad (Senate) in Leinster House for the the first time, and – in the spirit of the peace process – the politicians grovelled.

World by Storm discusses the occasion on the Cedar Lounge Site, noting the unfortunate late dramatist Seán O’Casey has been posthumously claimed by the Orange Order. No sources are offered for Nelson’s curious history tit-bit, but Cedar Lounge readers have discovered two biographers, Desmond Greaves and Christopher Murray, who say the direct opposite.

Link :

Orange Grand Master Drew Nelson Puts a Sash on Seán O’Casey

Ninety miles away the Orange Order looks different.

We recommend this article by Pádraig Mac Coitir of Éirigí who warns us about events unfolding in Ardoyne, North Belfast :

“It is also striking that in north Belfast, a sinister alliance between the Orange Order, unionist parties (including Stormont ministers such as Nigel Dodds and Peter Robinson) and unionist paramilitaries is re-emerging to ensure that the Order is permitted to trample over the rights of the people in Ardoyne.

“Although the Parades Commission only imposed minimal restrictions on the Orange Order’s march past Ardoyne, any move by the Commission to make further concessions to the Order at the behest of this unholy alliance will be viewed by many as cave-in to the bully-boys and cudgel carriers.”

Link :

Mac Coitir urges vigilance as sinister Unionist alliance re-emerges over Ardoyne

Update 1 :

Readers might like this :

Link :

Jim Larkin and the Irish Citizen Army – National Library of Ireland

This wonderful collection includes the following :

Report on a visit by the Irish Citizen Army to Kingstown (Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin). The signatory Sean Ó Cathasaigh was the playwright Sean O’Casey, who was secretary for a period. (Ms. 15,673/2).


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Dignified Protest in Clonmel at Labour Party Hypocrisy – Honouring James Connolly and Jim Larkin

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We publish below a Report from Séamus Healy TD on Protests marking the 100th anniversary of  the all-Ireland Labour party founded by James Connolly and Jim Larkin.

See also an Irish Times account of the same event,

Dignified Protest in Clonmel at Labour Party Hypocrisy

A dignified and successful protest organised by the Workers and Unemployed Action Group was held outside the Town Hall Clonmel on Sunday last , May 27 2012.

The event was organised to protest against the savage austerity being imposed on the Irish people by the Labour Party in Government and to expose the claim that the Labour Party of today has anything in common with the all-Ireland Labour party founded by James Connolly and Jim Larkin in Clonmel 100 years ago.

As is now usual the Labour Party was in hiding, they had run away again, cancelling the ceremony and sneaking into the Town Hall ‘earlier’ for a private unveiling. Three weeks ago Eamonn Gilmore and the Labour Leadership ran away, pulling out of the Clonmel Commemoration and giving the pathetic excuse of the Referendum. Read the rest of this entry »

“Be Patient and Never Give up the Struggle” An interview with Tommy McKearney

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International Viewpoint has published a stimulating interview with Tommy McKearney,


A Patient Revolutionary Socialist

Tommy McKearney - A Patient Revolutionary Socialist


We hope soon to carry a review of Tommy’s recently published book

Goodbye Armalite, Hello Ballot Box?

Tommy welcomes the United Left Alliance Project :

Q: In late 2010 the United Left Alliance came together to contest the February 2011 general elections in Ireland, winning five seats. What is you assessment of the ULA?

TM: The ULA is a positive and progressive development. The fact that organizations of the left have come together at any time is good and that these groups are doing so at this time of capitalist crisis is heartening and encouraging. The ULA has also given some needed visibility to the left through its articulate and high-profile spokespersons such as Richard Boyd Barrett and Joe Higgins.

Asked about Ed Moloney’s “Voices From the Grave” and the British state attack on the Boston College Belfast Project, Tommy says : Read the rest of this entry »

The United Left Alliance in Dublin Central

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The United Left Alliance (ULA) has held a series of launch meetings since the February 25 General Election.

This is a report of the Dublin Central Gathering, held on Monday May 30 in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square.

About 34 people attended. 

The meeting was chaired by Eddie Conlon of the ULA A Steering Committee and the speakers were :

Joan Collins TD ULA/People Before Profit (PBP) Dublin South-Central.

Paul Murphy Member of the European Parliament (MEP) ULA/Socialist Party (SP) –

[Paul took over the seat vacated by Joe Higgins, who is now a TD for Dublin West]

Colm Stephens PBP/Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) Dublin Central.

Joan Collins opened the meeting with fresh news that an actor who shares the socialist TD’s name was recently hit by the property crash – Read the rest of this entry »

English Queen and US President Obama Close the Phoenix Park

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A common argument in favour of the Obama and English Queen Visits to Dublin and other parts of Ireland is that tourism will be boosted :

Tourism Ireland Chief Niall Gibbons believes  “the visits of US President Barack Obama and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in May to yield a significant long term boost for the Irish tourism sector.”

Perhaps Mr Gibbons will comment on how the close down of Dublin City Centre for a week will affect tourism?

Horrendous Restrictions are planned : Read the rest of this entry »

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