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“Be Patient and Never Give up the Struggle” An interview with Tommy McKearney

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International Viewpoint has published a stimulating interview with Tommy McKearney,


A Patient Revolutionary Socialist

Tommy McKearney - A Patient Revolutionary Socialist


We hope soon to carry a review of Tommy’s recently published book

Goodbye Armalite, Hello Ballot Box?

Tommy welcomes the United Left Alliance Project :

Q: In late 2010 the United Left Alliance came together to contest the February 2011 general elections in Ireland, winning five seats. What is you assessment of the ULA?

TM: The ULA is a positive and progressive development. The fact that organizations of the left have come together at any time is good and that these groups are doing so at this time of capitalist crisis is heartening and encouraging. The ULA has also given some needed visibility to the left through its articulate and high-profile spokespersons such as Richard Boyd Barrett and Joe Higgins.

Asked about Ed Moloney’s “Voices From the Grave” and the British state attack on the Boston College Belfast Project, Tommy says :

Q: What are your thoughts on Ed Moloney’s ’Voices from the Grave’? And the Boston College controversy?

TM: I believe that the research project led by Anthony McIntyre was a good and useful piece of work and something that Anthony carried out diligently and with integrity. On reflection, it may have been better if the embargo had been for something like 50 years instead of the life of the interviewee but it’s easy to be wise after an event.

I thought the book ‘Voices from the Grave’ was an interesting work but its overall message was a little spoiled by the obsessing with Brendan Hughes’ critique of Gerry Adams.

The Boston college controversy is a shame on both the British and US authorities. It is highly unlikely that the contents would ever stand up in court as evidence in the first instance. Moreover, what on earth is the US government trying to do risking unpicking a settlement that they have boasted about brokering?

You can read the full interview here :

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