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Whiteys Mourn an English Queen at Buckingham Palace, London

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Whiteys gathered at a London Palace because the English Queen died..

“Throngs of mourners gathering outside Buckingham Palace on a rainy day saw a rainbow form over the palace. This is being taken as some kind of divine omen rather than a natural phenomenon related to rain. Some are crying & the crowd broke spontaneously into an off-key “God Save the King” even after it was announced she was dead. The whole scene would be touching if it didn’t signify that too many Brits have a dysfunctional relationship with a woman they only knew from her hand-waving on TV. It’s not surprising that as far as the eye can see that crowd is lily white, kind of Tory-like, way too many white people in a single location for anyone else to feel safe.”

Mary Scully

We can all do better than this.

Whiteys were on the moon :

“Whitey on the Moon” is a 1970 spoken word poem by Gil Scott-Heron. It was released as the ninth track on Scott-Heron’s debut album Small Talk at 125th and Lenox. Recorded over a simple drum accompaniment, it tells of medical debt, high taxes and poverty experienced at the time of the Apollo Moon landings. The poem critiques the resources spent on the space program while Black Americans were experiencing social and economic disparities at home. “Whitey on the Moon” was prominently featured in the 2018 biographical film about Neil Armstrong, First Man. It was also featured in the second episode of HBO’s Lovecraft Country. It received renewed interest in 2021 following spaceflights by billionnaires Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, which were seen as emblematic of the inequities highlighted by the poem”

Some of the mourning whiteys are Irish – gushing, just like the Irish President, about the English queen’s “unique place in Irish history”. The 1916 Easter Rising leader James Connolly had better words :

James Connolly, 1910

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  1. My goodness John, you have outdone yourself. Thank you. When I first tried to share this on facebook, I got a rejection Spam notice. We will see what happens with next posting. Getting James Connelly quotes out there was brilliant, so thank you. American media is almost as bad as the Brits. Biden and wife ran to be first to sign at the brit embassy condolence list.

    JOAN McKiernan

    Sep 9, 2022 at 10:55 am

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