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“Humanity isn’t losing anyone special” – English Queen Kicks Bucket

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Irish-American Activist Mary Scully reports :

Betty Windsor finally kicked the bucket today. She died peacefully in her bed surrounded by her mutant feudal offspring of free-loaders & supremacists. We’ll spare the moment of silence in respect to the millions of human beings who were/are terrorized, brutalized, tortured, dismembered, raped, bombed by agencies of the government which Betty represented for 70 years.

Judging from the crocodile tears on Twitter, many people–& not just Brits–either had a mummy thing going with her or identify with British colonialism in a way they don’t normally admit to. Her death has brought out the worst in them. The chorus of bereavement crescendoes by the hour until now it resembles nothing so much as the braying of jackasses.

Let’s take the tempo of braying down a bit. This is Betty with Saudi ‘prince’ Mohammed bin Salman in 2018 when he dined with Betty on a state visit to nail down multi-billion dollar investment deals with the UK. Saudi Arabia has been carpet bombing Yemen since 2015 with the logistical support of the UK so there are many ties between Saudi Arabia & the UK in the person of these two feudal relics. In fairness, this meeting was in March 2018, seven months before journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered & dismembered on the orders of MbS. But given the barbarisms of British colonialism, it is most unlikely that Betty would have been squeamish about meeting MbS even if he had just come from the killing. She’s that kind of gal. Humanity isn’t losing anyone special here.

(Photo by Dominic Lipinski)

Irish Forelock-Tugging

‘Profound sorrow’ for unionist neighbours – SF

Sinn Féin’s deputy leader Michelle O’Neill said she had learnt of the death of the queen with “deep regret”.

She tweeted: “The British people will miss the leadership she gave as monarch.” Source RTÉ News

O’Neill did not mention the current criminal connections of the British Monarchy :

Get Over it Michelle!

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