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Bradford and Respect: The space to the left of Labour just got huge

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The space to the left of Labour just got huge

April 15th 2012

This, from the website of the same name,  is the editorial from the upcoming issue of the British magazine Socialist Resistance. With the achievement of the ULA the left in Ireland is a step ahead of the call made here, but still subject to many of the difficulties and weaknesses also discussed.

George Galloway’s Bradford West victory, like the student revolt in December 2010, the inner city riots of August 2011, the Occupy movement in October was an event that no one predicted. Yet, as Galloway said in his acceptance speech, his election was the most sensational result in by-election history involving a left candidate. He polled 18,341 votes (55.9%) with a 10,140 majority. His Labour opponent Imran Hussain won a humiliating 8,201 votes (25%) although this was a triumph compared to the Lib Dems’ 1,505 votes (4.6%). Read the rest of this entry »

Vote No to EU Austerity Treaty – Bailout People Not Banks – Public Meeting, Liberty Hall, Monday March 5, 7.30pm

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Say No the Austerity Treaty – Irish Times Front Page Photo, 29.2.2012

First Poster of the 2012 EU Austerity Referendum Campaign

Bailout People Not Banks

Link to PDF of Poster is Here :

Say No to EU Austerity Treaty

More Information on the Danish Red-Green MEP Soren Sondergaard Here :

Soren Sondergaard on Denmark and the Euro

Danish People’s Movement Welcomes Foreign Workers

Public Action was needed to force the government to hold a referendum.

We have extra time after the Lisbon Treaty 1-1 draw – let’s score in extra time and win this European battle on Irish Soil – start the fight back against the parasite banks in Ireland, spread the spirit of rebellion beyond our shores to the rest of Europe.


United Left Alliance calls for a NO vote in ‘Austerity Referendum’

The five United Left Alliance TDs (Richard Boyd Barrett, Joan Collins, Clare Daly, Joe Higgins and Seamus Healy) today called for a NO vote in the referendum on the Fiscal Treaty – the austerity treaty. Read the rest of this entry »