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The British Royal Family is “unequal, outdated, and should be consigned to the dustbin of history” – Agree or Disagree?

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Read the news items below and decide for yourself if the statement above – written by West Belfast Stormont Assembly member Gerry Carroll (People Before Profit) – should be supported by everyone on the anti-imperialist left in Ireland.

I think the answer is Yes – and this should not be a controversial opinion, especially in Ireland. Unfortunately, some prominent public figures disagree. Lies about the British Royal Family resemble a mountain of dead dogs, and fresh stinking corpses are added daily.

Reliable news reports tell us that the English Prince Andrew, brother of British King Charles, is getting support from a convicted child abuse criminal.

A courageous woman, Virginia Giuffre, successfully won substantial damages in a USA court from the British Prince, who was a close associate of the convicted child abuse criminals Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

“Maxwell, who paid out millions to Giuffre herself in a separate lawsuit in 2017, was jailed for child sex trafficking in connection with Epstein.

But she claimed in an interview with CBS that Ms Giuffre’s claims are unfounded, and that she did not introduce her “dear friend” Prince Andrew to the teenager as had been claimed.

Ms Giuffre said: “My goal has been to show the rich and powerful are not above the law and should be held accountable.” Source :


Readers might assume that no self-respecting Irish political leader would risk getting close to the sinister Buckingham House royal parasites.

This news story, from the Belfast-based Irish News, is extremely disturbing – and fair play to West Belfast Stormont Member Gerry Carroll for highlighting a scandal :

“MARY Lou McDonald’s “very cordial” relationship with King Charles through letters has been criticised, with an MLA describing it as “an insult to the victims of British imperialism”.

The Sinn Féin president revealed details of her correspondence with the British monarch during her recent interview with The Sunday Times.

Speaking of the king, whose coronation is to take place in London in May, Ms McDonald said: “I like him very much, and I found him very interesting and very interested.”

Her revelation follows scenes of a friendly relationship between King Charles and Sinn Féin MLAs during his visit to Hillsborough Castle last November, following the death of Queen Elizabeth.

The monarch shook hands with Sinn Féin vice president Michelle O’Neill and former Stormont speaker Alex Maskey, and discussed how they had become the north’s largest party following last May’s Assembly election.

Mr Maskey had previously praised the late queen’s efforts to build peace in the north following her death.

In her interview, Ms McDonald described her written correspondence with King Charles as “very cordial”.

West Belfast People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll said the “cosy relationship with the head of the British Armed Forces is utterly repugnant”.

He said: “It is an insult to the victims of British imperialism and colonialism, adding the monarchy was “unequal, outdated, and should be consigned to the dustbin of history”.

Mr Carroll said working-class people “have no need for reconciliation with an institution marked by obscene wealth, inherited privilege and militarism”.

Sinn Féin was contacted for comment by The Irish News.”

Source :

We live in very strange times.

John Meehan January 23 2023

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