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Irish Far-Right Threatens Dublin Mid-West TD Gino Kenny (People Before Profit)

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This story was published in the Irish Examiner newspaper.

Gino Kenny says he 'will not be intimidated' by far-right threats to his home
Gino Kenny TD; Picture: Gareth Chaney/ Collins Photos

Gino Kenny says he ‘will not be intimidated’ by far-right threats to his home


The Dublin Mid-West TD says he has received threats after he joined a counter-demonstration at a temporary centre for asylum seekers in Clondalkin.

The far-right has been targeting me and my family,’ says People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny.

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny says he “will not be intimidated” by members of Ireland’s far-right who have threatened to come to his home.

Mr Kenny was involved in a confrontation with an anti-refugee protester last week in a scene that was live-streamed on social media. 

The Dublin Mid-West TD joined a counter-demonstration after a number of people protested at a temporary centre in Clondalkin. 

During the protest, videos show Mr Kenny being called “dirt” and a “traitor to the Irish people”.

Since then, Mr Kenny has been frequently mentioned in far-right and anti-refugee social media chats.

In a statement, Mr Kenny said that his home has been threatened, and lies have been spread about him.

“On Thursday I attended a counter-protest to those who are protesting outside a temporary centre for international protection applicants in Clondalkin,” he said. 

Since then, the far-right has been targeting me and my family. They’ve spread lies about me and threatened to come to my home.

“It is sinister, and it needs to be called out. The far-right function on fear and intimidation — they target asylum seekers where they live, they spread lies, and threaten anyone who stands up to them.

“I will not be intimidated. I will continue to challenge the hatred of the far-right and I encourage those in my community and across the island to do the same.”

The protest in Clondalkin was one of a number of sparsely-attended anti-refugee protests around the country in what was billed as a “day of action” by organisers.

Residents at the Clondalkin centre had been warned to stay off the streets during the protest

This is not an isolated incident. This Cedar Lounge Report offers some context, and notes some very strange police 👮‍♀️ commentary on the activities of the Irish far-right :

Odd phrasing in the following, I thought:

At the beginning of the pandemic, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said far right groups were a national security concern and were being monitored. Garda sources said events organised by the far right usually attract small numbers. But they said that may change, underlining the need for constant monitoring.

Gardaí said that despite the modest size of the far right in Ireland, there was still concern that some people, either linked to the groups or acting alone, could become “riled up” at protests and lash out at public representatives or other public figures.

The same Cedar Lounge report tells us :

A Co Kildare man has appeared in court charged with threatening to burn down a hotel in Athy being used to accommodate asylum seekers.

Stephen O’Rourke, a supporter of the anti-immigration National Party, was ordered to stay 500 metres away from the hotel when he appeared in court on Thursday afternoon.

He was also ordered not to contact its staff or residents.

Mr O’Rourke (43), who lives in the town, had been helping to organise an anti-asylum protest planned for Athy on Thursday night, one of about a dozen demonstrations scheduled to take place around the country. He was arrested outside his home in Athy on Thursday morning as part of a Garda investigation into alleged threats to cause damage to the hotel.

See also :

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