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“Providing Ukraine With Weapons is a Moral Act”

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Yuliya Yurchenko, a supporter of the European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine (ENSU), has posted a message written by her comrade Andrij Zinchenko.

My dear European and American friends, what you see at this image shows that providing Ukraine with weapons is a moral act.

If you do not date to unblur this picture, let me explain what is there. Remanats of a child dead after Russian missile attack in the center of my hometown – Vinnytsya. One of these hundreds of children killed by Russian and Belorusian armies.

So, if someone tells you that witholding ammo and weapons for Ukraine is a good idea and it serves some cause of lessening the number of victims – it is a lie. The more weapons Ukrainians have the quicker the genocidal barbaric war will be stopped.

In Ireland, headline news tells us that the state authorities have “run out of beds” for Ukrainian refugees.

The Irish Times reports on Thursday July 14 :

The State has run out of accommodation for new Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers with the Citywest facility in Dublin reaching full capacity.

The Department of Children told a briefing of Irish NGOs supporting Ukrainians yesterday that it has had to pause the intake of new arrivals into existing State accommodation because it has run out of available beds at Citywest and has no immediate contingency plan.

The shortage of accommodation means that any Ukrainians or asylum seekers arriving into the State over the next 48 hours may be stranded in an airport without a bed.

We can not solve all the problems caused by the far-right Russian invasion of Ukraine. But we can make a start. On the 25th day of every month supporters of Ukraine protest at the gates of Russian Embassies in many different parts of the world. Here is a practical suggestion to the Irish government : serve a notice to quit on Russian envoy Yuri Filatov, and make positive use of the current Embassy of Russia on Orwell Road Rathgar. Convert the Russian Embassy campus into emergency humane accommodation for people fleeing from imperialist wars.

In 1972, after foreign military invaders murdered 14 Civil Rights demonstrators in the Irish city of Derry, the workers of Dublin took action in Merrion Square, and burned the British Embassy to ashes.

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