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Legal Abortion in Poland Now – Dublin Protest, Polish Embassy Office, 4-8 Eden Quay, Thursday June 23, 1.00pm

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The Polish political party proposing abortion law reform is Razem which works with the European network in solidarity with Ukraine and against war –

Further information here :

And here

In Ireland – especially during the dark days of the anti-abortion 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution ((1983-2018) – women had to travel abroad to get an abortion. In Ukraine today many women raped by invading Russian soldiers flee to Poland where they cannot get an abortion. The left wing party Razem is proposing legislation in the parliament to end the abortion ban in Poland. We must extend solidarity and support.

A message from Bríd Smith TD: “This week, the Polish parliament will debate a bill to end its near total #abortion ban & provide for abortion on request until 12 weeks. The Polish abortion ban has been internationally condemned – even Ukrainian refugees who have been raped by Russian soldiers are also being refused abortion. Now, the Polish left & feminist organisations have gotten a massive 200k+ signatures, forcing the Parliament to vote on the bill. Polish abortion rights activists have called for international solidarity. Let’s support them, join the protest!”

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Solidarity With Polish Women

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