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“Jim Connolly and Irish Freedom” a 1926 Pamphlet containing a TJ O’Flaherty (Tomás Ó Flatharta) introduction

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Thanks to Des Derwin for locating this document

‘Jim Connolly and Irish Freedom’ – Cover

James Connolly “The Hero of Red Easter 1916” – Back Page

‘Jim’ Connolly and Irish Freedom by G. Schuller, Introduced by TJ O’Flaherty. The Little Red Library No. 11, 1927. With Daily Worker Ad.

Contents: Introduction, The Significance of Ireland for the Comintern, Role of the Working Class in the Irish Struggle for Freedom, The Union with the Peasantry, Connolly the Revolutionary and Marxist, Against the Imperialist War, The Easter Rising, Civil War and the ‘Free State.’

The Little Red Library was a series of eleven pamphlets published by the Workers (Communist) Party of America in the mid-1920s by the Daily Worker Publishing Company in Chicago.

A PDF of full pamphlet is here :

A little reminder about Tomás Ó Flatharta, the first know Irish supporter of the Left Opposition in the 1920’s : “An Irish-language book, An tÉireannach 1934–37, by Éamonn Ó Ciosáin (An Clóchomhar, Dublin 1993), is probably not accessible to readers of Revolutionary History. It recounts the history of a left wing Irish language newspaper in the 1930s, and it contains information which readers may find interesting. Thomas O’Flaherty (1889–1936), brother of the short story writer and novelist Liam O’Flaherty, was a member of the Central Executive Committee of the American Communist Party in its early years. In 1928 he was expelled, and he joined the Left Opposition.”

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