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Trump Is Toast? Comeback Kid Biden Staggering Into Evil of Two Lessers Saloon?

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The Coronavirus crisis will destroy any chance Donald Trump has of retaining the US presidency this November, for one very simple reason. Driven by …

Trump Is Toast

Ed Moloney thinks he has spotted a silver lining in the CoronaVirus Cloud Haunting the USA.

Comeback Kid Staggers into Evil of Two Lessers Saloon

Trump’s USA Rejects WHO Covid-19 Test Kit – Increases Likely Death and Infection Rate

Not a great deal wrong with that on first view except the Trump-dominated bureaucracy proved incapable of putting that wish into action and so there are not enough US-made test kits to meet the predicted demand. Elsewhere in the world, by sharp contrast, there is no shortage of WHO testing kits, a tribute to the power of international co-operation.

Driven by Trump’s ultra nationalist political world view, the US rejected an international plan for a COVID test kit proposed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and decided to plough its own furrow.

The consequence of that will be a huge spike in undiagnosed Coronavirus victims in the USA who will not be treated or even put into quarantine and the numbers of those stricken with the virus, and the deaths that will follow will be proportionately higher. The US, thanks to Trump, will not come out of the Covid crisis unscarred.

A Climbing American Death Rate in the Summer Months?

Expect the death rate to climb during the summer months and to then dominate the closing weeks of the presidential election campaign in the autumn when the crows come home to roost with a vengeance for Donald Trump.

A “Cure” Worse Than The Trump Disease – President Joe Biden?

That is all good news for Joe Biden who now seems unassailable in the contest for the Democratic Party White House nomination, which is not good news either.

Donald Trump did not come out of the mystic. He was product of white, working class anger and frustration at years of neoliberal economic policies propounded by Clinton and Obama and during which Biden was either a cheerleader or a participant.

Those policies devastated and angered the areas which gave Trump his unexpected victory four years ago. What reason do we have to think that Biden will not return to that disastrous playbook? After all he knows no other.

Unless Bernie Sanders Abandons Biden’s Doomed Titanic the USA Radical Left Must Offer an Alternative.

Howie Hawkins

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