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Let’s Be Honest – unfortunately the boycott of the LPT is defeated.

The Cedar Lounge Revolution

Some time soon, perhaps, it will be time to have an analysis on why the property tax campaign ran into the ground, but that’s another day’s work.

I’ve already mentioned how I think that there is a need for the campaign against the property tax to make some effort to communicate with those who may have taken its advice to heart and not registered. Granted there’s a grace period where the sanctions from Revenue won’t kick in, including reminder letters and warnings, but even so. There may be a cohort, not a very large one – or so it would appear – but one nonetheless who have decided to sit it out. And I say all this as one not merely sympathetic to the campaign, even if critical of aspects of it, but also fairly heavily involved in a specific part of it.

Even so, things move on. The compliance…

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Jun 5, 2013 at 1:11 pm

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