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ULA post-Budget rally; Wynns Hotel, Dublin, 13th December

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In the wait for a conference ULA supporters might be interested in this footage (you can be there!) of the ULA post-Budget rally at Wynns Hotel, Dublin, on 13th December.  The well attended event was notable in that various components of the ULA were impelled to put forward  their various (and differing) perspectives for the ULA.

Thanks to Paula Geraghty – again – for the great videos, and to Julian at ‘We are Rag Bags’ for originally posting the clips. the link to them is below. They are vids of the three opening platform speeches and do not contain the discussion from the floor or the speakers’ summing ups at the end (of special interest in themselves).  I have notes of these sections of the meeting and intend to write them up for Tomás in the near future. If we can’t have the real thing we’ll have the virtual! 🙂


Written by tomasoflatharta

Jan 18, 2012 at 11:29 am

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