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Pearse Doherty TD Sinn Féin – A Lifer?

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Full marks to the Socialist Party irritant Mark P for winkling out important information –

This came to our notice via a Cedar Lounge Revolution discussion :

“Pearse Doherty was unusually up front in expounding SF’s pro-life position on abortion:

Sinn Féin – Senator Pearse Doherty has given a written personal commitment to oppose any legislation that would make abortion available in Ireland and supports a law to protect the human embryo from deliberate destruction”

Note also the statement by independent left Thomas Pringle.

However Sinn Féin does not in fact have a “pro life” position on abortion, its official policy is liberal soft-left, many of its members / activists are pro-choice, and are probably unaware of Mr Doherty’s far-right views on this issue.

Perhaps the new United Left Alliance can do better :

“This is a good start.

I suggest one specific addition – that ULA representatives sponsor a Dáil Bill to hold a referendum deleting Article 40.3.3 which prevents the legal provision of abortion in Ireland. In the meantime, ULA representatives to introduce legislation implementing the Supreme Court Judgment on the X Case – that is, allowing for legal abortion in the narrow circumstances allowed by the 1992 Supreme Court Judgment.

As the process develops, the ULA can develop democratic internal structures where issues such as this can be discussed and decisions implemented.

Of course, the bottom line for an agreement like this is fundamental and non-negotiable – no coalition with the right, no implementation of the savage cuts dictated by the International Monetary Fund and the European Union’s “Stability and Growth Pact”.

Here is the web link :

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Dec 1, 2010 at 7:20 pm

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