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Stop the bombing! Russian troops out! Solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance! – Global Week of Action Against the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and for Solidarity with Ukraine – February 20-26 2023

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The European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine (ENSU) and its Irish supporters (Irish Left With Ukraine) are working with other organisations and individuals for a full Russian withdrawal, and social Justice for Ukraine.

ENSU is joining the Ukrainian diaspora and solidarity movement global week of action global week of action against the Russian invasion and for solidarity with Ukraine, 20-26 February. Read our declaration (EnglishfrançaisNederlands). Please share your events with us on social media and at We will promote all progressive solidarity initiatives across our network.

Fundraising and material solidarity

ENSU is raising money for  humanitarian activities of feminist groups in Ukraine. We also encourage you to support direct labour solidarity campaigns, as well as social movement fundraising. More information on our website:

Solidarity with Russian antifascists! Week of Action 19-24 January

Russian antifascists celebrate their struggles against the Putin regime every year on 19 January. This year’s protests are against imperial aggression in Ukraine and political terror in Russia. More details in this declaration by the Russian Socialist Movement (RSD) (English, français, Nederlands, Ελληνικά, Deutsch, Turk, Italiano).
In this new year full of challenges, let’s keep working together for a full Russian withdrawal, and for social justice in Ukraine.

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