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Voters in the British State Reject Brexit – The Emperors Have No Clothes

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Lots of recent data tells us that voters in the British state – in the nations of England, Scotland, Wales (and in the statelet called Northern Ireland) – reject Brexit. Here is the latest graphic :

Rejecting Brexit – Well Outside the Margin of Error

The polling expert John Curtice publishes lots of interesting information on this and other related subjects.

A correspondent observes with deadly accuracy :

The surprising part of this story, which gets little discussion, is that the disenchantment with Brexit has grown steadily without any encouragement from either of the main political parties or the great majority of the MSM. Such deep tides of public opinion tell us that the time is ripe for a major political figure to say “you know what, the emperor has no clothes”

See comment by Beachcomber :

This problem should not remain unsolved. It has re-ignited two centuries-old disputes – Scottish Independence from Britain; Destruction of the Carnival of Reaction created by the partition of Ireland in 1922. Brexit might also ignite movements for Welsh Independence from Britain.

What forces on the left in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England are going to slay the Brexit Bull?

John Meehan December 23 2022

2 Responses

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  1. thanks John, glad to see holidays are not interfering with your amazing productivity. It would be helpful to get the data broken down by the nations within the UK I doubt that you would get such an impressive anti Brexit poll in the North.

    And have you seen/heard any left wing or other wing raise the issue of Brexit lately? And whenever will the UK electorate ever get a vote on that again.

    Perhaps this will all change with the growth in labour struggles. US tv is covering the various strikes and planned stoppages. Terrific news. Labour has new confidence, and new leadership.

    Have a good holiday. now I shall go on to your next post.

    JOAN McKiernan

    Dec 24, 2022 at 6:12 am

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