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Racism in Dublin’s East Wall Area : “Demanding Garda vetting for asylum seekers and refugees and using this as an excuse to surround asylum seekers and chant “Get them out” is as racist as it gets”

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Let’s be clear and unambiguous.

A correspondent writes :

Demanding Garda vetting for asylum seekers and refugees and using this as an excuse to surround asylum seekers and chant “Get them out” is as racist as it gets. That’s the inner core of the protests in East Wall and it has nothing to do with housing. Calling for vetting to make sure these black men are not pedophiles is a propaganda repeated everywhere such protest emerge. It is learned from European racism over the past decade. Nothing can make this look any different. Nothing should try to make this any different than what it is.

This racism must be admitted first before we can understand the full situation.

Practical Action in Dublin : Le Chéile / Diversity Not Division Reports :

We will be joining United Against Racism at the #RaiseTheRoof rally for #HousingForAll. Standing together with anti racists against the housing the crisis ✊🏾

📆Saturday 26th of November
📌 Garden of Remembrance

HousingForAll #RefugeesWelcome #racistsout #LeCheileDND #DiversityNotDivision

Source :

Calls for East Wall protests over refugees to stop ‘immediately’

Opposition politicians have called for an end to protests in East Wall in Dublin over refugees being moved into the area.

Some locals took to the streets over the weekend after refugees were moved into an old ESB building on East Wall Road.

Labour’s Aodhán Ó Ríordáin said the protests need to “stop immediately” while People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said while people’s concerns on the housing crisis are “justified” they should not be directed at refugees.

“These protests need to stop and need to stop immediately. We want to send our solidarity to those who are now located in that ESB building,” said Mr Ó Ríordáin.

He said usually independent councillors “stoke up whatever feeling they can for their own political advantage.”

“There are many people who unfortunately only raise the issue of homelessness or housing when they hear that an asylum seeker may be housed,” he said.

“It is not good enough for the scenes we have witnessed in the past couple of days for people to take to the streets in such a manner.”

Social Democrat TD Gary Gannon said there are “fringe elements” of the far right involved in those protests.

“In the absence of leadership, in the absence of people seeing their Government and State has their back, they get desperate,” he said.

“Over the last weekend and over the last few weeks, we’ve seen fringe elements of the far right coming in and manipulating people.

“ Mr Boyd Barrett urged them to attend a protest this Saturday in Dublin instead, being organised by Raise the Roof.

“We want to make a special plea to people to not have their justified anger over the housing and homelessness crisis directed into the scapegoating of people who are fleeing war and looking for asylum.”

Sinn Féin, Social Democrats, Labour, People Before Profit and independent TDs are pushing strongly for the protest.

Tonight in the Dáil, Sinn Féin will put forward a private members motion on the rally.

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