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Postponed : Ireland-Ukraine : International Solidarity of the Left – Public Meeting Tuesday October 4 2022

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Our ‘Ireland-Ukraine: International Solidarity of the Left’ public meeting in Dublin on Tuesday 4th October is postponed due to the illness of the principal speaker Yuliya Yurchenko. Our apologies to all for any inconvenience. We will announce the date for a re-arranged meeting as soon as possible. We wish Yuliya a speedy recovery.”

Irish Left With Ukraine

Yuliya Yurchenko – an active supporter of the European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine (ENSU) – speaks at this Dublin meeting along with Irish trade union speakers and others.

Yuliya Yurchenko, author of Ukraine and the Empire of Capital: From Marketization to Armed Conflict (Pluto, 2018). She is a Lecturer in International Business and Researcher at the Public Services International Research Unit, the Centre for Business Network Analysis, and the Political Research Centre at the University of Greenwich.

An extensive interview with Yuliya is here :

Latest News from the ENSU :

Open the borders for Russians refusing military service!

Latest news from the anti-conscription movement in Russia :

Putin’s attempt to conscript up to a million young Russians to fight in Ukraine is failing. In less than one week, more than 300,000 young Russians have sought refuge in neighbouring countries like Georgia and Kazakhstan. Hundreds of thousands are expected to seek exile in the next few weeks. We call on West European countries to open the borders to these courageous and principled young Russians, in the name of peace and justice.

Western governments must stop blaming ordinary Russians for their government’s crimes. By closing borders and refusing Russian applications for tourist visas, Western countries make it more difficult for Russians to avoid military service. That makes Putin more powerful, and means more death, rape and suffering of innocent Ukrainians. So many young Russian have fled in the last few days precisely because Georgia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia allow Russians to enter without visas. Every West European country should do the same!

Every young Russian who refuses to be cannon fodder for Putin’s imperialist adventure quickens the Ukrainian expulsion of the invaders! How much better to welcome these Russians who refuse war, than to see them killed or wounded for nothing.

The European Network for Solidarity with Ukraine (ENSU) supports the armed and unarmed resistance of the Ukrainian people. We also support those in Russia and Belarus who are sabotaging the imperialist war machine, and calling for the withdrawal of all Russian troops from Ukraine.

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