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A new Communist Group in Ireland – Announced on the World Wide Web!

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Many thanks to eagle-eyed activists who write for the Cedar Lounge Revolution. A different source refers to a recent split among the Stals (shorthand for Stalinists). Welcome to PCL – Ireland.

The first item on the agenda is a split – Brendan Behan

“Set up by person(s) who have left Connolly Youth Movement (CYM) I heard. No connection to Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland (AIAI).”

The new party has some novel features.

‘Besides Anti-fascism, These activities are a great way in helping with mental health problems. The simple act of just getting out of the house is a great way to start improving your mental health. The effect that exercise has on the serotonin levels and combatting depression is great. Exercise helps produce serotonin in the brain, helping the person feel great about themselves and helps uplift their emotions in general. Not only does the serotonin level increase during exercise, the willingness to keep doing it also increases. Along with the main point of exercising for mental health reasons, joining groups and making friends is also a great way to combat depression.’

A correspondent claims

“lots of laughs – I have an inkling who would write such drivel”

It’s my party – I’ll cry if I want to!

Colm Breatnach suggests, and we hope he is right :

Surely it’s a spoof?
A sort of surrealist art thing or something? Or maybe not, in which case I’m due a parading around the school with a dunce’s cap on and a good beating once we get to the main hall for being a capitalist roader and an enemy of the Great Helmsman.

More Spoof Evidence!

Not the first to make this mistake, but they’ve built their website on an Israeli company’s platform that some anti-imperialists might encourage people to boycott…

Anyone know anything about a group PCL Ireland? They’ve stickers and posters up and a website Are they linked to the CYM …

A new Communist Group

Written by tomasoflatharta

May 17, 2022 at 1:55 pm

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