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Convicted Criminal Ghislaine Maxwell – Low Media Standards, an Irish Link, and a Prince of England

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A lot of public commentary about the convicted criminal Ghislaine Maxwell, her late boss Jeffrey Epstein, and an alleged client, Britain’s Prince Andrew, suffers from low media standards. An interesting exception is the reporting of a former BBC correspondent John Sweeney.

It is a horrific story. Known credible allegations should be highlighted.

Lazy speculation and lurid gossip should be avoided.

John Sweeney – a Blogger-Journalist who carefully assesses hard evidence

John Sweeney carefully assesses real hard evidence. The author avoids sloppy tabloid-gossip methods. He explains the serious evidence very well. The scandal is far from over in the courts – especially in the case of the British state’s Prince called Andrew.
John Sweeney explains no evidence was presented at the Maxwell trial implicating Bill Clinton in either trafficking or criminal sexual intercourse with underage women. Evidence was presented proving that Clinton, ex US President Donald Trump and other wealthy powerful men accepted freebie flights given by Epstein and Maxwell. Sweeney sarcastically observes at one point that men such as Clinton and Trump enjoyed having sex with 23 year old women – the Epstein/Maxwell gang assisted them.
Sweeney also explores very interesting connections between the criminal behaviour of Ghislaine Maxwell and her late father Robert Maxwell : a corrupt billionaire who died after he fell off his private luxury yacht “Lady Ghislaine” in disputed circumstances.

But this is no fairy tale. HUNTING GHISLAINE sets out the other side of the story, and it’s one of the darkest you will ever read.

Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell, was a sadist, a war criminal, a monster. His cruelty deformed Ghislaine Maxwell long before she met Jeffrey Epstein. Her one-time lover was convicted for being a paedophile. So Ghislaine’s life has been spent serving not one monster but two.

In HUNTING GHISLAINE, legendary investigative journalist John Sweeney uncovers the truth behind
this fairy tale story in reverse.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre and supporters, including her feared attorney David Boies

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is a courageous political activist campaigning against the Epstein-Maxwell criminal enterprise.

Roberts-Giuffre, an extremely credible witness, has led the way. Credible people have also named a number of other prominent individuals who, allegedly, were clients of the Epstein-Maxwell criminal gang.

One of them has strong Irish connections. Establishment media outlets in Ireland, have said next to nothing about this disturbing news. The information has been in the public domain for some time :

Besides the prince, Ms Giuffre has said she was sexually trafficked to former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former Senator George Mitchell, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, French modelling scout Jean Luc Brunel, and the billionaire Glenn Dubin, among others.

One of the alleged child abuse criminals is ex Senator George Mitchell, an architect in the 1990’s of the Irish Peace Process.

Ed Moloney elaborates :

Last week’s judgement in a Manhattan, New York court that Price Andrew can be sued by Jeffrey Epstein sex victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre, – in spite of an agreement reached by Epstein and Giuffre allegedly protecting both himself and other men who had sex with her from legal action – could have serious implications for, inter alia, top US politician, George Mitchell and celebrity lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, both of whom have been mired in the scandal.

Both Mitchell and Dershowitz have strongly denied allegations of involvement in Epstein’s sex circle but the claims have persisted, nonetheless. At this stage it is not clear whether the legal judgement depriving Prince Andrew of protection against Giuffre would be reversed if she decided to sue the pair, who unlike Andrew are US citizens.

Given remarks from Giuffre’s lawyer after the New York court case that his client would be unwilling to accept a purely financial settlement – “I think it’s very important to Virginia Giuffre that this matter be resolved in a way that vindicates her and vindicates the other victims” – it seems unlikely that she would stop at Prince Andrew.

Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed the British Prince’s pathetic legal defence. Prince Andrew made a morally corrupt attempt to hide behind a legal settlement protecting a serial child abuser who paid a vulnerable accuser $500.000 to buy her silence. Virginia Roberts Giuffre is now set to have her day in court confronting an alleged child abuser.

“As is well known to lawyers, but perhaps not known to the lay public, the defendant (Prince Andrew) , by making this motion, placed upon the court the unyielding duty to assume, for the purposes of this motion only, the truth of all of plaintiff’s (Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s) allegations and to draw in plaintiff’s favour all inferences that reasonably may be drawn from those allegations.
“In consequence, the law prohibits the Court from considering at this stage of the proceedings defendant’s efforts to cast doubt on the truth of Ms Giuffre’s allegations, even though his efforts would be permissible at trial.
“In a similar vein and for similar reasons, it is not open to the Court now to decide, as a matter of fact, just what the parties to the release in the 2009 settlement agreement signed by Ms Giuffre and Jeffrey Epstein actually meant.” 121438 JAN 22”

Reacting to Giuffre’s welcome legal victory the chieftains of the Buckingham Palace Racket (also known as the British Royal Family) have created a media diversion by cutting the institution loose from the “favourite son” of his mother. An obvious interpretation of this news has, so far, escaped most establishment commentators. Why? Because they are trapped in a political culture traditionally mocked in Ireland as “forelock tugging”. The firm, like any efficient wealthy mafia gang, is protecting its fabulous assets. The Royal hoodlum bosses calculate that the man who is 8th in line to become king of Britain could be hit with a massive financial penalty in a New York courtroom. The firm is desperately protecting its assets.

As a first step all Irish public representatives must boycott every event featuring members of Prince Andrew’s Royal family and ex Senator Mitchell. Forelock-tugging must cease.

John Meehan January 14 2022

What is the meaning of “tug the forelock”?

One writer describes the actions of an Irish government minister, Seán MacBride, in the 1948-51 Fine Gael controlled Dublin coalition government. MacBride’s Clann na Poblachta party colleague Noël Browne, Minister for Health, tried to introduce a progressive piece of legislation called the “Mother and Child Scheme”.

Seán MacBride

was Minister for External Affairs in the Fine Gael-led government in 1948-51 and the former chief of staff of the IRA in the 1930s, abjectly tugged the forelock to John Charles McQuaid, Catholic archbishop of Dublin”

Noël Browne resigned. Clann na Poblachta never recovered from the scandal.

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