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Improving Science Literacy – And Supporting Mass Vaccination to Fight CoVid-19

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This blog offers two very good quotations and an illustration to act as a helpful political and personal guide. Origin of the quotations? I do not personally know the authors. I wish to thank a Greek comrade, Kostas Skordoulis, who started the relevant Facebook discussion. The cartoon is just brilliant.

No. Most lay people don’t have the tools to “question the science”. They are just deluding themselves. Just look at any flat earther video. The emphasis should be on improving science literacy so people can learn to identify media misrepresentation of studies, or how to spot weak or obviously flawed studies, or to follow trustworthy sources, instead of thinking they are some modern day Galileo.

If we could look at Covid for a moment what I have noted are the anti vaxers who can barely string a sentence together , but can read scientific reports. Straight away I can tell that they are lying based on that . So therefore there are very few anti vaxers or Covid deniers worth listening to . I do on personally experience and contact with health professionals and victims , they don’t always get it right , but there are scientific discussions all of the time , if you are just going to listen to a minority you are not going to get the bigger picture. Confirmation bias and phenomenology are enemies .

Yes Charlie, Maybe!

Steer clear of snake 🐍 oil sellers who reacted to a capitalist system’s practical proposal to combat the CoVid Pandemic (vaccination), and advocated rejection because : ……..fill in the blanks……..add your favorite conspiracy theory, irrelevant observation, chem-trails theory.

John Meehan December 22 2021

This post is also at this link : The ESSF site is recommended.

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