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Joe Biden President of USA – Donald Trump Departs – Extreme Right Criminals Celebrate

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One correspondent is not impressed with many displays of forelock-tugging on Irish mainstream media outlets. Joe Biden is an Irish-American, who frequently quotes Irish poets and writers such as Séamus Heaney WB Yeats and James Joyce.

Joe Biden is an incubator of Trumpism.

“I wonder did he read any poems written by Black men in American prisons, seeing as he was the main architect of the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 which enforced mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses. Due to that and other ‘catch-all’ crime laws, Black men (also women) make up about 15% of the population but 40% of the prisoners.”

President Donald Trump sent QAnon-style goons on their way to Washington DC’s Capitol Hill on January 6 2021 trying and failing to overturn a convincing Joe Biden General Election victory in November 2020. Trump lost by a margin of over 8 million votes, a gap of more than 4.5 per cent, and turnout reached record levels. Many of the QAnon-style Trump-goons so far arrested and charged over the Capitol Hill assault on the US Senate and Congress are serving or retired staff in the state repressive forces – Army, Air Force, Police, National Guard and so on. What protection is the US state offering to the people attending the Joe Biden Presidential inauguration on January 20 2021? It is a version of putting the fox 🦊 in charge of the chicken 🐓 coop – 25,000 members of the National Guard occupy the city of Washington DC, whose population is overwhelmingly non-white, politically and socially hostile to Trumpism, and supportive of the magnificent Black Lives Matter Movement. No wonder the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had to desperately “vet” the repressive forces instructed to “protect” the Joe Biden inauguration.

Trumpite Goons in USA Uniform “Protect” Washington DC

Here is a long list of criminals pardoned by departing USA President Donald Trump –

Top of the list Stephen K Bannon :

“Stephen K. Bannon : Mr. Bannon, who was Mr. Trump’s former chief strategist and an architect of his 2016 presidential campaign, was charged in August of last year with defrauding contributors to a privately funded effort to build Mr. Trump’s wall along the Mexican border.

Mr. Bannon, working with a wounded Air Force veteran and a Florida venture capitalist, conspired to cheat hundreds of thousands of donors by falsely promising that their money had been set aside for new sections of wall, according to court documents.

The pardon of Mr. Bannon was notable because he had been charged with a crime but had yet to stand trial. An overwhelming majority of pardons and commutations granted by presidents have been for those convicted and sentenced.”

Trumpite Goon Stephen Bannon Celebrates Presidential Pardon

Here is a small news report for correspondents wondering if President Joe Biden will pursue a better policy than his defeated rival, the shady racist gangster Donald Trump. Low expectations are firmly recommended.

Joe Biden’s Yankee Jackboot

The problem about people boosting Biden against Trump is that it becomes very easy for the far-right to regroup and produce a credible alternative to Biden.

Nikki Haley, inheritor of Trumpism?

She ticks all the superficial cosmetic boxes – female, Indian origin, younger than Biden, – into the bargain she is smart, articulate, racist, far-right, an experienced ex-governor of South Carolina, former UN Ambassador.

This important rat jumps from Trump’s ship :

“Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, often mentioned as a possible 2024 GOP presidential contender, is among the latest from her party to denounce President Donald Trump’s comments stoking supporters to mount a violent assault on the Capitol.

“He was badly wrong with his words,” Haley said Thursday during a speech at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting, according to excerpts obtained by The Associated Press. “His actions since Election Day will be judged harshly by history.”

She called it “deeply disappointing” because of the effect it will have on the legacy of the Trump administration.”

Nikki Haley – New Face of American Trumpism?

The American Ruling Class factions opposed to Donald Trump’s recent actions can not be trusted. Here is a perfect example, James Comey :

The criminal should be jailed! Pardon the Criminal!

“Speaking to presenter Emily Maitlis, the former Director of the FBI also said that while he “obviously believes” the president should be in jail, he doesn’t think “pursuing that is in the best interests of the American people”, adding Joe Biden should “consider” pardoning Donald Trump to help heal the rifts in society.”

Comey was appointed boss of the FBI by Obama; he antagonised Hillary Clinton just before the 2016 General Election, reopening an investigation into the content of her emails while she was Obama’s Secretary of State; he swiftly antagonised Trump, who sacked Comey via the mass media while the FBI director was at work in California addressing new recruits. Comey had to stop his lecture to watch TV reports of his sacking. In other words, Comey is a former right-wing professional police officer who was never pally with Trump!

John Meehan January 20 2020

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