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British Labour Westminster MP Rosena Allin-Khan slams Democratic Unionist Party Colleagues Supporting Donald Trump

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Birds 🦅 of a feather are flocking together :

Pink News reports that Westminster Labour MP Allin-Khan “eviscerates” DUP Westminster MP’s Sammy Wilson et al who are getting behind US President Donald Trump. Radical action is suggested here, possibly a little bit inhumane.

Pink News reports on a group of “eviscerated” DUP Westminster MP’s

Eviscerates definition : “: to take out the entrails of : disembowel. b : to deprive of vital content or force. 2 : to remove an organ from (a patient) or the contents of (an organ)”.

“Allin-Khan, Labour MP for Tooting, shared a tweet from DUP MP Sammy Wilson, which shows himself and three others holding a Trump flag on parliament grounds.

“Keep America Great!” Wilson tweeted, along with British and American flag emojis.

An unidentified “fourth man”!

Wilson, who is MP for East Antrim, was photographed with DUP MPs Paul Girvan (South Antrim), Ian Paisley Jr (North Antrim), as well as a fourth unidentified man.

Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan shared Wilson’s tweet and lambasted all three politicians as an “embarrassment” for supporting Trump.

“These four are an embarrassment by parading this flag on the grounds of our parliament,” she wrote.

“Almost 200,000 Americans have sadly died while the racist, sexist and homophobic US president continues to spout hate.”

The DUP has promoted homophobia for decades, founding a failed campaign “Save Ulster from Sodomy”. They inspired opponents to “Save Sodomy from Ulster” – notably Tarlach Mac Niallais.

Tarlach Mac Niallais Saves Sodomy from Ulster

“In 1992, when a gay rights group asked to use City Hall in Belfast for an event, Wilson said: “They are poofs. I don’t care if they are ratepayers. As far as I am concerned they are perverts.”

Meanwhile, Ian Paisley Jr came under fire in 2005 when he described same-sex relationships as “immoral, offensive and obnoxious”.

“I find those sorts of relationships immoral, offensive and obnoxious, and I think the vast majority of the people of Northern Ireland feel the same, and have expressed the view that they feel that way,” Paisley said at the time.

The DUP, their political party, has also campaigned against LGBT+ rights throughout its history, and managed to block same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland for years.

PinkNews has contacted the DUP for comment.”

Same-sex marriage finally became a reality in Northern Ireland in January of this year, following a lengthy campaign by LGBT+ activists.

Labour’s Rosena Allin-Khan eviscerates DUP MPs for shamelessly supporting ‘racist homophobe’ Trump

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