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Hands off the US! Stand with the American people and their democratically elected leader against the regime change plot!

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Which camp are you supporting?

Opponents of the following rebellions:

the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

the Belarus anti-Lukashenko demonstrators

the anti-Brexit marchers in Britain

turn the spotlight on to the USA, where all is not so clear once another side of the question is examined :

Conspiracy Theories

An article examining the current protests in the US, applying the anti-imperialist perspective of the Grayzone, MintPress News and many others.

The ongoing protest movement in the US, which has been going on for several months now, has attracted widespread support. But is there another side to the question? By looking closer and applying the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism, this supposed protest movement can be shown to be yet another CIA-backed “colour revolution”, aiming at the overthrow of the American people’s democratically elected government.

Neoliberal, CIA-linked opposition

While the “Black Lives Matter” protests or “George Floyd uprising” may claim on the surface to be independent and politically unaffiliated, there is substantial evidence connecting the movement to the main US opposition party, the Democrats. All of the main Democrat leaders have spoken out in support of the movement, and even the most wild and lawless elements of the protests, such as Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP, have been endorsed by Democrat politicians. The Democrats are a right-wing, neoliberal party, and have substantial links with the CIA and other elements of the state services. Following solid principles of anti-imperialist logic, we know that a US politician endorsing a movement tells us everything about that movement, and so, since the neoliberal, CIA-linked Democrats have spoken out in favour of the protests, we can safely conclude that everything about them is compatible with the Democrats’ agenda. As Sara Flounders put it, “The increasingly violent demonstrations… are completely embraced and enthusiastically supported in the U.S. corporate media and all the imperialist political parties in the U.S. and Britain. This should be a danger sign to everyone fighting for change and for social progress.”

CIA training and tactics

One of the most important lessons of contemporary anti-imperialist thought is that any kind of sophisticated or militant tactics used by protesters is proof of CIA training. This vital lesson has been repeated over and over again, by Mark Ames, by Benjamin Norton, by Max Blumenthal, and by many others. And who could deny that the militancy and sophistication of the tactics used by protesters/rioters in the US over the last few months match those seen in Hong Kong, Belarus and elsewhere? Obviously, it would be a glaring double standard if anyone was to claim that protesters in the US are capable of successfully storming police stations, driving police off the street, and keeping nightly protests going for months at a time in the face of fierce repression without outside training, but that people in other countries are not capable of doing the same things without CIA help. The only possible conclusion is that the so-called “protesters” in the US have been trained in unconventional warfare by the CIA.

Far-right reactionaries

Another important anti-imperialist principle is that the presence of reactionaries or reactionary symbols – or even symbols that are used by reactionaries in one context that might have a totally different meaning in a different cultural context – can then be taken as a reliable indicator of what the movement as a whole is about. It’s how we know that everyone in Syria who opposes Assad is an Islamist, it’s how we know that anti-government protesters in Eastern Europe are all far-right nationalists (except for separatists in the Donbass, who are all pure and virtuous anti-fascists), protesters in Hong Kong are all Trump supporters, and so on. Applying this logic, we can safely say that the presence of the far-right “Boogaloo boys” is yet more proof that the so-called uprising in the US is actually another imperialist regime change plot, following the same script as everywhere else.

Perhaps there may be some legitimate criticisms to be made of President Trump, but he is the democratically elected leader of the American people, and their sovereignty must be respected. All true anti-imperialists must stand with the brave police fighting off this neoliberal imperialist regime change plot, just as they stand with state forces in Hong Kong, Iran, Lebanon, Belarus and elsewhere.

With thanks to Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton, Mark Ames, Qiao,, Vanessa Beeley, the WWP and PSL, and many others for their inspiration.
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In days gone by, some left-wing organisations took their cue from the Official republican movement in Ireland and denounced the “fascist” Provisional IRA created by Fianna Fáil!

PS this is satire!

PPS Conspiracy theorists target “outside agitators” at work in Hong Kong and the USA :

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Aug 19, 2020 at 3:30 pm

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