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The Workers’ Party in Ireland Splits Again

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Gavin Mendel-Gleason, a supporter of the WP wing which has expelled the “northern business committee” makes a statement open to possible alarming interpretations :

While they would have been afraid to move with Sean Garland still alive, they saw their chance with his death.

A sister party in the foreign fields of North Korea is also called the Workers’ Party.

Seán Garland outside an Irish court while successfully contesting a US extradition request over alleged North Korean counterfeiting of “SupetDollars”

Was the WP northern business committee trying to avoid a fate similar to the late Kim Jong-Nam after he fell out with his brother Kim Jong-Un?  Presumably Gavin Mendel-Gleason does not have the same clout as Seán Garland or the leaders of the Kim dynastic family?

In the hours after the attack, those agents passed through immigration checkpoints and boarded flights out of the country, accompanied by a North Korean diplomat. Their flight routes back to Pyongyang were carefully calculated to avoid countries that may ground their planes and arrest the men.

“The reason to do it publicly is to leave a calling card, to show the world that Kim Jong-un is not afraid to use a weapon of mass destruction at a crowded international airport,” said Vipin Narang, a politics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Indeed, the people who would find themselves on trial for the murder were not agents of the North Korean state but two former escorts, Siti Aisyah, from Indonesia, and Doan Thi Huong, from Vietnam. The women, according to their testimonies, had been unknowingly groomed as killers by North Korean agents in the months previous. It was Siti and Doan who had smeared the substance on Kim Jong-nam’s face, later both telling Malaysian police they thought they were carrying out a prank for a Japanese YouTube show.

Statement of the WP Northern Business Committee

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