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Westminster Government in London and Stormont Puppet in Belfast Planning Virus Mass Murder

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Eamonn McCann, a People Before Profit Derry and Strabane Councillor, argues that, in effect, the Boris Johnson British Government is planning Mass Murder :

But this isn’t really about herd immunity. It’s about a dangerous and reckless drive to keep Britain open for business and maintain profits at all costs

Veteran British Comrade Phil Hearse Makes the Same Argument : he says the Westminster “herd immunity” strategy is akin to a “far-right death cult”

McCann continues in the same vein below. He calls on Admiral Arlene Foster to steer the Stormont Titanic Away from the Mass Grave. But, she won’t do that. It is Time for a Mutiny – Sinn Féin should sink the Stormont Titanic.

Boris Johnson wants to expose millions of people to Covid-19 in order to build “herd immunity”. At least that’s the line he is using to justify the callous disregard for human life currently on display by the Tories.

With the rest of Europe increasing testing, contact tracing, closing down schools, restricting public gatherings and implementing social distancing measures, the Tories are recklessly endangering people as they argue for business as usual.

Johnson’s pigheadedness has a purpose: He wants the British economy to keep going. He is putting the profits of major businesses ahead of the lives of vulnerable people who may not survive Covid-19 if they contract it. This is why he’s plugging the “herd immunity” line.

The reality is that in order for herd immunity to occur, up to 60% of the population must contract this disease. With the death rate as it is, this could result in the deaths of up to a million people in the Britain. Many of these will be elderly people or vulnerable people with medical conditions.

This is the price Johnson says he is willing to pay to achieve a herd immunity that is not even guaranteed, as the virus may mutate and reinfect people in its mutated form later.

But this isn’t really about herd immunity. It’s about a dangerous and reckless drive to keep Britain open for business and maintain profits at all costs.

The Northern Executive have been slavishly following this Tory line, by keeping schools and other services open and refusing to take serious measures in line with the south of Ireland and indeed other countries across Europe.

It is crucial that the Northern Executive break from this Tory death drive. Implementing Tory policy in the North puts everyone in Ireland at risk, as it will allow the virus to spread throughout the island.

The Executive must therefore immediately break with this Tory strategy and collaborate in a genuine all Ireland effort to contain Covid-19 and protect elderly and vulnerable people. People Before Profit representatives North and South are fighting for such an all island approach. This is vital to ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable do not unfairly shoulder the burden of pain during this crisis.


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