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Coronavirus and COVID19 – Government Must Act to Restrict Spread and Protect Incomes

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Press statement – 7 March 2020 – immediate release

Paul Murphy TD – RISE

  • Corona virus: government must act to restrict spread and protect incomes

On foot of the briefing to health workers circulated by the Deputy Dean of the RCSI, Samuel McConkey, I’m calling for urgent action by the government,” said Deputy Paul Murphy.

This briefing is a sharp warning of the potential number of deaths from the Corona virus. The government needs to act decisively now to restrict the spread. The RCSI advice is to copy what has been done in China – which our government is nowhere near doing.

The first step is to ensure people can self-isolate by providing full sick-pay for anyone who needs to stay at home because they are ill or they need to care for others – with state support for small firms, based upon proven need. Health and care workers in particular need immediate support and full sick pay: end the six day wait.

All big public gatherings which present a danger of spread of infection should be cancelled, including St Patrick’s Day parades, sports and large social events. Non-essential travel should stop. Home schooling should be arranged for schools and universities – with support for childcare – and working from home should happen where possible.

Free hand sanitizer should be provided in public buildings and spaces – and at all workplaces, shops and public transport. There must be a clamp-down on price gouging of sanitizer and soap..

In order to ensure access to ICU isolation facilities, space for non-infectious patients should be requisitioned from private hospitals.

While the medical advice on personal hygiene should be acted on by everyone, this is a much bigger issue and the government must act before worst-case scenarios come into play.”
COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 for health care workers Samuel McConkey Deputy Dean RCSI. Contents 1. What happened 2. Clinical presentation. 3. Complications 4. Management interventions. 5. Outcomes 6. Health-care workers. 7. What should we do. Coronaviruses 1965 HCoV OC43 (David A Tyrrell) 1967 HCoV 229E …
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