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NUJ Dismay over Boston Tapes Ruling | Boston College Subpoena News

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National Union of Journalists : Dismay Over Boston Tapes Ruling

NUJ General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet said the ruling has “significant implications” for academic and journalistic research.

She said:

“These interviews were recorded between 2001 and 2006 and each participant understood the recording would not be released prior to their death. We salute the stand taken by Ed Moloney, Belfast Project Director and Anthony McIntyre, who carried out the interviews in good faith. It is regrettable that Boston College did not support their legal challenge in relation to the Price interview. It is deeply disappointing that the challenge has failed. As a union we are concerned at the chilling effect which this ruling will have on academic and journalistic research but we are also concerned at the possible threat to the safety of Anthony McIntyre and Ed Moloney.”

This Henry McDonald Guardian article is also worth reading:

Disclosure of IRA testimony held in Boston could stall search for truth

Link :

Fears US decision to hand over secret IRA testimonies to PSNI may make it impossible to establish truth about the Troubles


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