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Stanford University California – Ex-Taoiseach Brian Cowen is a $58,000 student on a Six-Week Course

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The Irish Daily Mail is running a story on ex-Taoiseach Brian Cowen :

Link :

Who is paying ex-Taoiseach Brian Cowen’s $58,000 Fees for a 6 week course in Stanford University, California?

Brian Cowen at Stanford University


Let’s wait and see how this story develops.

The words “Stanford University” rang a bell here :

Reilly’s special advisor paid €160,000 for 80% of his time, works here ‘on average’ 2 weeks a month

Health Analyst Sara Burke reported about Mr Martin Connor on February 17 2012 :

Connor, a special advisor to Health Minister James Reilly, divides his time between Ireland and Stanford University, California :

Word was out in the health system that Martin Connor worked here just eight days out of 24 and was based in California. When I asked the Department of Health how much of his time was dedicated to his special delivery unit work and where was he based, I was told, ‘The time commitment is of the order of 80%. Dr Connor is currently completing a research fellowship in Stanford University. He is in Ireland for two weeks a month on average but also conducts work by teleconference on a daily basis.’ Teleconferences on a daily basis must be difficult given the time difference between California and Dublin.

Link :

Health Minister Reilly’s Special Advisor Paid €160,000; Studies at Stanford University California

In recent days mainstream Irish media outlets ran a story about an alleged “scandal” – 3 United Left Alliance TD’s travelled outside their Dublin constituencies to support the Campaign Against the Household Tax.

Link :

Smear Campaign Against ULA TD’s on Travel Expenses

Makes you wonder about the calibre of wealthy students at Stanford University California, Irish State Bodies Paying Very Expensive Fees, and Double Standards in the Main Irish media outlets.

Update 1 :

Link :

Enterprise Ireland not paying Brian Cowen’s Stanford University Fees of $58,000 for a six week course

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