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Internment of Marian Price, Attempted Extradition of Seán Garland

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Very Good News – it  seems Seán Garland, long-time leader of the Workers’ Party and a veteran of the Irish Republican movement since the 1950’s, has won his battle against the United States government, which wishes to charge him about accusations of currency forgery.

Many people put their political differences with Garland and his party to one side, and supported the anti-extradition campaign.

One example is the United States socialist Gerry Foley:

in view of his past devotion to the Irish socialist revolution, I think Sean deserves a dignified retirement. I hope he gets it. I would hate to see him in the clutches of a brutal imperialist government. Moreover, I hope that an effective campaign can be built in Ireland to stop his extradiction, not only for his sake but to prevent the United States from victimizing other people in Ireland and Britain that it regards as its enemies.

The Cedar Lounge Blog recently published a very good Gerry Foley pamphlet from 1972:

Problems of the Irish Revolution – Can the IRA meet the challenge?

Most of the discussion which followed is useful and constructive, which led me to observe :

The discussion on Critical Versus Uncritical Support above for movements fighting a just cause against imperialists applies today on this issue : “Free Marian Price now” – Éamonn McCann sums up the case brilliantly :

I can easily Identify myself as “repelled by Ms Price’s politics” but that is no excuse for abstaining from a clear policy. As Eamonn says “She is imprisoned without trial – in everyday language, interned.”. As Martin Niermoller said about Nazi Germany “First they came for the Communists…” . Have we learned the hard lesson?

Brian Feeney writes well about the Marian Price case in the Irish News of December 21 2011.

Sandy Boyer, a veteran USA based activist has also taken up this case –

Like Feeney and McCann, Boyer argues :

End the torture of Marian Price

Over 100 TD’s, members of the Irish Dáil, backed Seán Garland – the case for releasing Marian Price from Maghaberry Jail is equally compelling.

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Dec 21, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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