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Gilmore’s Goons May Visit You Soon! – Broy’s Harriers Ride Again

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Gilmore’s Goons May “Visit” You Soon – Broy’s Harriers Ride Again
Labour Leader and Tánaiste Eamonn Gilmore, Enda Kenny’s second-in-command, has advised citizens to expect “visits” from the political police, possibly instructed or escorted by USA “counter-terrorist” operatives – that is one possible meaning to be taken from this RTÉ News Report :

“Mr Gilmore said there might be some discomfort for people in areas to be visited and that the Government is concerned about dissident republicans.

However, he said that he is confident that the threat can be dealt with.

Mr Gilmore highlighted ‘considerable experience’ within the gardaí and their co-operation with security teams from Britain and the US.”

The best methods for dealing with unwelcome callers is – be polite and firm, show them the door, and recommend them not to present themselves again – unwelcome visiting is best classified as harassment, political intimidation in this particular example.
Deputy Gilmore could offer concerned citizens the best possible help based on his personal conflicts with political police in the early 1970’s – in those days he was a member of the Republican Movement (the Official Wing) – there is a nice photo of him in Cuba in the Workers’ Party History “The Lost Revolution”.
But do not hold your breath!

The Labour Party Dún Laoghaire Deputy is now a modern “Broy Harrier” – a nickname acquired by the political police in the 1930’s when the garda Commissioner was Éamonn Broy :

“Broy’s elevation to the post of Commissioner came when Fianna Fáil replaced Cumann na nGaedhael as the government. Other more senior officers were passed over as being too sympathetic to the outgoing party.[7] In 1934 Broy oversaw the creation of the “The Auxiliary Special Branch” of the Garda. This was formed mainly of hastily-trained anti-Treaty IRA veterans. It was nicknamed the “Broy Harriers” by Broy’s opponents;[8] a pun on the Bray Harriers athletics club”

 Anti-War / Anti-Monarchist citizens living in the constituency of Deputy Gilmore who suffer political persecution might be better off contacting a different TD, Richard Boyd-Barrett.

Written by tomasoflatharta

May 4, 2011 at 2:24 pm

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