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The present economic crisis having its roots in international capitalist contradictions was accentuated by decisions taken by the Fianna Fail government serving the interests of bankers, speculators, and developers. The Fianna Fail solution to solve this crisis was by imposing austerity measures on social welfare recipients, low and middle income earners. These measures must be vigorously resisted and reversed.

The four year Fianna Fail plan approved by the IMF/ EU and supported in broad terms by Fine Gael promises more austerity. This policy will solve nothing. This agreement must be renegotiated with the minimum demand to uncouple the bank debt.

The trade union movement is now under sustained attack. Wages and working conditions in the public and private sector are in the firing line. Registered Employment Agreements, Joint Labour Committees, Employment Regulation Orders are prime targets. The race to the bottom is being signposted. Fine Gael is a party to this attack. In fact the very future of the trade unions is under threat. The ideology and practice of Michael O’Leary and Ryan Aer are hovering like vultures. Remember the Lisbon treaty and the promise that the Charter of Fundamental Rights would protect the right of workers to organise, Where is that promise now? It will require legislation in Dail Eireann. Which party or government can deliver that?

The key issue is still job creation and the protection of existing jobs. The restoration of the minimum wage and social welfare cuts will help this process, but the big issue is the immediate and massive state investment in urgent infrastructure projects like schools, transport, broadband and water. The use of pensions funds public and private could provide that investment. A key role for our semi-states like the ESB BORD NA MONA BORD GAIS in the energy field is essential. Fine Gael on the other hand wants to privatise these companies along with DUBLIN BUS.

We are at an economic and political crossroads. The result of this election will determine the future of the country for generations. Can we build a more equal society or must the rich become richer to entice them create jobs and make bigger profits. This is the road to greater exploitation of working people. The question to be answered is which political party will carry out policies that meet the needs of trade union members and their families and social welfare recipients who were the workers of yesterday.

Parties who are on the political left fulfil these aspirations. A left led government is still the desired option.

We therefore call on all trade unionists in Dublin to work for left unity and vote Labour,SF , and other parties and independents of the Left and transfer accordingly.


Written by tomasoflatharta

Feb 17, 2011 at 1:46 pm

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  1. Socialist Party election broadcast:

    People Before Profit election broadcsst:

    Mark P

    Feb 18, 2011 at 6:24 pm

  2. Hat Tip for that Mark – very effective videos!

    I suggest people read Tom Redmond’s letter in the February Issue of the Communist Party’s “Socialist Voice”

    The interesting commentary about constructing unity between different parts of the left has a wording and analysis very close to the line advocated in the Dublin Council of Trade Unions Statement.

    It is an excellent statement, but would be even better with one or two additions :

    The little voice inside me head says to DCTU friends – can you not include the words “United Left Alliance” when you call for people to vote left?

    I notice also that you do not say that coalition with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil is ruled out in principle?


    Feb 18, 2011 at 7:10 pm

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