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They Make a Desert and They Call it Peace

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Andy Storey says we can learn a lot from engaging with “some mainstream (or even right-wing analyses” of the Irish and European Debt Crisis :

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“What was less predictable was the fact that we were able to quote mainstream or even right wing economists (such as Constantin Gurdgiev) supporting the calls for default.
Gramsci remarked that ‘To tell the truth is revolutionary.’ But we find ourselves in the unusual situation that some of those telling (aspects at least) of the truth are some of the most improbable revolutionaries one could imagine. Thus, Colm McCarthy, academic and commercial economist and, as chairman of An Bord Snip Nua, scourge of public sector ‘waste’, wrote a revealing article for the Sunday Independent on 16 January, responding to President Sarkozy’s comments about Ireland maintaining an unfairly low corporate tax  rate while also getting EU financial ‘help’”
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Andy Storey works at the Centre for Development Studies, School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin, and is chairperson of the education and campaign group Action from Ireland (Afri).

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Jan 29, 2011 at 9:47 am

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