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Austerity will send Greece to hell, warns Syriza Leader Alexis Tsipras

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Austerity will send Greece to hell, warns Alexis Tsipras

A Guardian Article we recommend :

Emboldened by yet another poll showing his party’s wide appeal, the leftwing Syriza leader, Alexis Tsipras, said the international accord that Greece had signed up to in return for rescue loans was catastrophic for the country. Instead of a rescue, the debt-stricken nation has been thrown into its worst recession since the second world war.

“With this policy [bailout agreement] we are going directly to hell,” he told CNN. “To save Europe we need to change direction,” insisted the politician who has pledged to “tear up” the €130bn (£104bn) “memorandum of understanding” that Athens reached with the EU and IMF earlier this year.

The latest Opinion Poll Figures from Greece :  Read the rest of this entry »

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May 18, 2012 at 7:13 pm

SYRIZA Lays out Five Points of Greek Coalition Talks – Austerity in Smithereens All Over Europe

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Austerity in Smithereens All Over Europe.

See also this very good survey by Éric Toussaint :

Seismic election results

Éric Toussaint

Syriza, the radical left-wing coalition comes first in all major cities and among people aged 18-35. Its campaign advocated suspending debt payment and cancelling austerity measures.

1. Results

At the May 6 polls, the radical left-wing coalition Syriza becomes the second “party” in numbers of voters as it moves from 4.5% at the previous elections (2009) to 16.8% (52 MPs instead of 13). It is the first party in the major agglomerations and among people aged 18-35.

The Socialist Party (PASOK) lost 2/3 of the votes it had received in 2009 (from 44% to 13.2%, a loss of 119 MPs, from 160 to 41!). PASOK pays ‘cash on the nail’ their rigorous austerity programme and subjection to the ‘Troika’ and big private business interests. Read the rest of this entry »