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Strange resurrection in Tallaght – Sinn Féin‘s Martial Arts Fighter Paddy Holohan returns to the stage after a 5 month suspension – political gobshitism in action

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Many people were startled by this news report :

Paddy Holohan suspended by Sinn Féin for remarks about women and underage girls during #ge2020 tonight nominated for Mayor of South Dublin by Sinn Féin councillors.

“Paddy Holohan


County Council Annual General Meeting.

Honoured to be nominated in the running for Mayor of South Dublin by my sinn_fein comrades, Congratulations to the incoming mayor and a job welldone to the outgoing Mayor…

Mr Holohan made a number of racist and woman-hating statements, prompting his party leader Mary Lou McDonald to take swift disciplinary action in January 2020 :

Speaking in Bray, Co Wicklow, described the comments about women as “beyond offensive” and “very upsetting”.

She said: “We have procedures in the party where there has been a gross breach of the code of ethics, that is what I regard this to be, but obviously I have to allow that procedure to continue.”

That should have been the end of the matter; but Sinn Féin re-admitted Holohan to the Party after a 5 month suspension, and this week unsuccessfully nominated the martial artist for the post of South Dublin County Council Mayor. Once again, the Sinn Féin leadership has been fooled by a meaningless Holohan apology :

Sinn Féin Councillor Paddy Holohan, master of meaningless apologies, with fellow martial artist Conor McGregor

He (Holohan) then went on to recount an alleged incident in which an underage girl had pursued a man and had taken pictures and videos and “asked for ten grand”.

He said it wasn’t an isolated incident and he said it petrified him as a father of two boys that somebody could make accusations like this and seek payment in order to not report it.

Yesterday, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald said she was satisfied that Mr Holohan had apologised over comments he made regarding Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

In two separate podcasts, the west Dublin councillor said he believed the country should be run by a family man and Mr Varadkar’s Indian heritage meant he is separated from the history of Ireland.

In a tweet, Mr Holohan said his remarks had been misinterpreted and apologised “as my comments may have offended people as I of course did not intend to do so.”

One correspondent observed :

“You misinterpreted my comments” is not an apology but a passive aggression of self serving nature. It is a very common form used by politicians.

There are many problems with Cllr Paddy Holohan’s words on ‘family man’ and ‘Irish roots’ but that he gave FG, a party full of outright racist politicians, and MEP’s, the opportunity to ACT progressive, inclusive and anti-racist, and that Varadkar can ‘maturely’ enjoy attention and victimhood, is definitely at the top 3 of the list. And the mainstream media is loving it. That’s what political gobshitism is.

And I am still thinking about my child’s roots, according to the Cllr. So, she is not Irish, not Turkish, then? Hopefully she will have a world revolution – if not us – and such reactionary ideas will hit the dustbin of history.

Saying all of that, I hate the double-standard of the media enjoying this temporary mess. Oh, their poor Leo.

Has to be said: SF is not a racist party!”

Perhaps on this occasion the Sinn Féin leadership will take decisive action against councillor Holohan.

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